The Learning Difference



What is “The Learning Difference”?

It is understand and applying some of the following principles:

Reading, spelling, handwriting, expressive writing, ready knowledge and use of math facts and operational steps, as well as attention and sustained effort, are not content and information to be analyzed, synthesized, categorized associated, remembered, consciously retrieved and applied. They are skills to be acquired. It is skill building (skill is synonym for useful habit) and when the skill is fully built it has permanently habituated. Also potential future problems in these skill areas for individuals considered at risk can be forestalled by the use of implicit, habit building learning activities appropriate to their age. It is based on skill forming activities that incorporate neuromuscular rhythm. Eurythmic activities have the highest stimulus value in general skill development. Eurythmic language activities have the highest stimulus value in developing the language skills of reading, spelling and writing. Body movement enables language activities to become receptive and expressive simultaneously. This not is only integrates reading and spelling skill, but it carries very high stimulus value because it coordinates afferent and efferent central nervous system activity.

There are many principles applied, skills that are gained and growth that occurs than mentioned above. The Learning Difference has a proven track record well over 30 years.


February 22, 2017

Dear Mr. Anderson, 

We wanted to thank you for working with Mason who is a 4th grader. When he started with you 6 months ago, he was reading below his grade level, and because of his dyslexia, learning spelling words was extremely difficult for him. Now, he is reading above grade level, and learning a list of spelling words comes easily. The time he has spent with you has made him a confident learner and has done wonders for his self-esteem. We whole heartedly appreciate all you have done for our son! 

With best regards, 

Beau and Abby Cobb

Nov. 15, 2015  

Mr. Anderson's program has been phenomenal for our son who is 3rd grader. He loves to go to dyslexia tutoring. Our son is improving quickly in reading. Where we used to have to help him read most of a book he now only needs help with bigger words. I have watched him take a spelling list and move out the words a few times, turn the paper over and be able to move out and spell the words on his list. Last year he failed almost every spelling test where this year he is consistently receiving  A's and B's.

Ashley Daniels